Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.

Why Platform on CBNRM?

The Learning & Dialogue Platform on CBNRM is useful tool for technical support of underdeveloped rural and natural areas, which aims to help in sublimation of all useful information as a base of prosperous opportunities at local level, where all interested people can share their own positive experiences and offer help and support to others in unselfish and solidarity manner, where is necessary.

What the platform contributes for?

The Platform is contributing for:

  • Sharing of successful stories between CSOs and entrepreneurs and other useful information related to sustainable nature resource management, protection and improvement of the environment, good agriculture practice, best available techniques, innovative solutions etc. (from the region and abroad).
  • Regular update of the open Calls for proposals, tenders etc.
  • Wining projects portfolio availability from different financial programs to serve as a guide in getting ideas for some future initiatives / projects
  • Experience sharing among platform members and knowledge offering where is needed (e.g. creation of LAGs – Local Action Groups)
  • Promotion of Platform cooperatives to change the way people organize, run businesses, create value, and share the wealth, thus providing: greater competitiveness, coordination of activities, risk reduction, safe markets, fair profit allocation etc.
  • Free market opportunity for placing products and services
  • Sponsorship and donation possibilities

Undertaking the platform administration by some of the end users – to ensure ownership and project sustainability

How can I join the platform?

    • If you are willing to incite positive changes in your community and create successful local initiatives and promote community-based business
    • If you are active citizen or CSO which understands the needs and addressing the problems of the community;
    • If you consider the need for establishing strong Citizens’ councils as bridge between community and the State and Local Governments with aim to address the need and enable climate for community-based business opportunities from utilizing nature (organic production, placement of products, licensed collection of natural products, running green businesses etc.).
    • If you consider building strong local self-governance as a key factor for smooth running of projects, which are of great interest for the community


    This is your possibility to become member of the Platform and contribute for creation and growth of this cooperative commune.

How to create account?

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